Is Mindful Learning the Cure?

Psychology of Education

Adapting to university life can be tough. You are usually worried about grades, living independently for the first time, planning for the future, and other countless things that could potentially become stressors depending on the person. Students experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety often see their wellbeing and academic success affected deeply. (C. Hassed, R. Chambers et 2014, J.Miller et 2014). 

One approach to solving the ‘stress crisis’ is meditation. Especially, mindfulness meditation has been the central study of several cases and articles focusing on its benefits in many areas of our life. 

Mindfulness in simple words is being aware of the present moment through the use of our senses. You might have heard the term if you know something about Buddhism. Mindfulness is part of Buddhist practices but in reality, it is not necessary to be into Buddhism to receive the positive effects of mindfulness techniques. 

Therefore mindfulness…

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