I Can’t Breathe

Psychology of Education

On Monday George Floyd died after being brutally abused by a member of the Minneapolis Police. Even after George screamed that he could not breathe the policeman would not pull up his knee from the defenseless men’s neck. These violent actions are pretty much alive in many parts of the world. Masses of women in Latin America suffer from physical partner violence every day, every year. (PAHO 2014).This very second you are reading this, people in the world are suffering because of someone’s beliefs, thoughts, and actions. It is very difficult to really comprehend how much cruelty is happening in the world until something horrible happens to you or someone you truly love with all your heart. There is one foundational cause for all this madness, a dualistic worldview, believing that we are different and we are separated from each other.

Worldview is the set of beliefs that guides or…

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