I Can’t Breathe

Psychology of Education

On Monday George Floyd died after being brutally abused by a member of the Minneapolis Police. Even after George screamed that he could not breathe the policeman would not pull up his knee from the defenseless men’s neck. These violent actions are pretty much alive in many parts of the world. Masses of women in Latin America suffer from physical partner violence every day, every year. (PAHO 2014).This very second you are reading this, people in the world are suffering because of someone’s beliefs, thoughts, and actions. It is very difficult to really comprehend how much cruelty is happening in the world until something horrible happens to you or someone you truly love with all your heart. There is one foundational cause for all this madness, a dualistic worldview, believing that we are different and we are separated from each other.

Worldview is the set of beliefs that guides or…

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Will the human race survive?

Psychology of Education

Social distancing has become the new norm in the entire planet and its effectiveness is measured by the ability of each individual to care for others. The virus, hits harder seniors and people with pre-conditions but a healthy person could easily be infected as well without knowing it. For this reason, the message is that everyone should maintain distance even if you don’t have symptoms but it seems like some people are having a difficult time putting themselves in the shoes of those at risk. Why is that?  

Today’s global pandemic crisis has shown the importance of empathy and compassion in any given culture for the survival of our species. Empathy is defined as the ability to understands the emotion of another person while being aware of the causes, while Compassion means genuinely wanting to alleviate someone’s suffering. As you can see these two terms are closely related to each…

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Is Mindful Learning the Cure?

Psychology of Education

Adapting to university life can be tough. You are usually worried about grades, living independently for the first time, planning for the future, and other countless things that could potentially become stressors depending on the person. Students experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety often see their wellbeing and academic success affected deeply. (C. Hassed, R. Chambers et 2014, J.Miller et 2014). 

One approach to solving the ‚Äėstress crisis‚Äô is meditation. Especially, mindfulness meditation has been the central study of several cases and articles focusing on its benefits in many areas of our life.¬†

Mindfulness in simple words is being aware of the present moment through the use of our senses. You might have heard the term if you know something about Buddhism. Mindfulness is part of Buddhist practices but in reality, it is not necessary to be into Buddhism to receive the positive effects of mindfulness techniques. 

Therefore mindfulness…

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Buscadores del Sol


Los pasos errantes de andantes y buscadores de los secretos ocultos de la vida y de la muerte no se cansan, des-cansan. Caminar te hace no pensar, te produce un agotamiento inverso al despertar del esp√≠ritu y permite que te compenetres con tu lugar en ti mismo, ese que cotidianamente perdemos por la contaminacion cultural, por esa educaci√≥n plana de caminar en fila. Pasos errantes no son pasos de viajeros, por lo menos no como lo manejan los fil√≥sofos andinos, los sacerdotes del sol. Subir una gran monta√Īa te da la oportunidad de elevar tu conciencia y ascender por encima de tu nivel normal de concentraci√≥n, permite que te alejes del plano instintivo y animal, de ese gozoso y placentero salivar de las pasiones. Subir una gran monta√Īa en una isla te da una condici√≥n especial de transmutar tiempo y espacio, acerc√°ndote a lo m√°gico, a lo verdadero y real de la esencia alqu√≠mica, el ser. Subir una gran monta√Īa y conseguir una ciudad sagrada perdida es como regresar a tu origen c√≥smico.

No dejemos de caminar
No lamentemos errar,
Descansa caminando
No camines en descanso.

Anda descalzo y sin prisa
No olvides tu sonrisa,
Mucho menos creas que nunca te llover√°
Pero adelántate al día y sal temprano.

Nunca excedas tu morral
de cosas innecesarias,
pero lleva algo que jam√°s creas utilizar,
pues siempre te har√° falta.

Llena tu cantimplora
con la humedad de tus recuerdos,
pero no sacies tu sed con ellos
siempre aparecer√° un manantial.

No empa√Īes tus binoculares
con el futuro y el pasado,
pues así no podrás retener
la grandeza del presente.

Abre bien los ojos
y déjate impregnar de las simplezas de la naturaleza,
pues ellas guardan la verdadera sabiduría.

No comas todo lo que veas
y deja espacio para las percepciones de la vida,
Ese es el m√°s preciado alimento
cómelo despacio.
No te trasnoches en la ira
y olvida viejos rencores,
Cu√©lgate un “dije” de afecto
y desecha el medallón de orgullo, de egos.

Por √ļltimo
Abrígate con una chaqueta que te haga llegar tan lejos
como sólo la grandeza de tu amor te lo permita.

Recuerda que andas con las botas de tu conciencia y respiras luz.

Emerson Rondón, 2009



”I believe the power of music can unify us all.”

As my life mission I am determined to spread love through my art by creating,  performing and teaching music.

Singer, songwriter with more than 8 years of experience in live performances as front man and as part of vocal ensembles dedicated to cultural diffusion. Currently, a music major at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta and ambassador of the Venezuelan folk traditions through Venezuelan music lessons.